About Us

Pedigree and Philosophy

The team members of Irwin Golf Management all share a passion for the game and the business of golf.

Our principals and partners have been in the industry for over 40 years performing on projects all over the world. Along the way, they have managed every type of golf course and development project. With experience in the United States, Latin America and Asia our team has the background and market specific knowledge to make properties profitable. 

Additionally, our team members have been responsible for hosting and preparing golf courses for Major Championships, PGA Tour events and everyday club play.  We understand the golf business at all levels and can consistently exceed customers expectations with our capabilities.

Our extensive network of industry contacts allows Irwin Golf Management to keep a lean corporate profile. We do not have bloated management structures and cookie cutter programs. IGM maintains a quick response culture with our clients and we excel at putting together winning teams to help make courses profitable, move real estate and create value for investors and customers.

We are committed to one thing when working with our clients---ACHIEVING RESULTS.


How We Work

“It’s a simple question for us: How can our brand and experience help our clients achieve their goals.” ---Hale Irwin

Our promise is to provide personalized service, creative problem solving, 24-hour access, and a “hands on” approach that insures financial success and a quality product for our clients. 

With IGM you get a team who can be on site almost immediately to evaluate a golf operation’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  From there we will leverage our proven experience, unique marketing platforms and branding knowledge to create a plan for success and profitability. 

We are highly incentivized to perform and elevate our clients brand and bottom line because we align our interests with those of our client.  We truly act as a business partner to our clients by customizing each contract specifically to their needs, creating unique solutions every time.

Golf is a business that demands attention to detail, a focus on the customer experience and a long-term strategy.  We set our expectations very high and demand continuous improvements at our properties.

Irwin Golf Management was formed because we felt it was time for a brand powered, results oriented, incentive fee based management company to truly define the market.

Irwin Golf Management is different and we are proud of the difference we make with our properties, partners and clients.

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